Change an organization member's role

Organization Owners and Admins can mange the roles and permissions of other members in their organization.

Who can manage roles

  • Primary Owners can promote and demote Owners and Admins. You cannot promote someone to be a Primary Owner, however, you can transfer ownership to another member.
  • Owners can promote organization members to Owner and Admin. The can demote an Admin, but cannot demote another Owner. 
  • Admins can promote other organization members to Admin, but cannot demote Owners and other Admins. 

Promote an Owner or Admin

  1. Click your avatar in the top right to open the Settings Menu.
  2. Select Manage People.
  3. Click the arrow ▼ next to the member you'd like to promote. 
  4. Select Make an Admin or Make an Owner.

Demote an Owner or Admin

If you need to demote a member, follow the steps above and click Make Full Member.

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